We carry out software development projects for early-stage startups and fast-growing companies in blockchain & fintech

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Maximize the efficiency of software development by driving down your costs and delivering fast result

Aspilos is a full-cycle software development service provider with a multidisciplinary team experienced in launching international startups, which specializes in Blockchain and FinTech projects. Our main goal is to save time and deliver business value for partners as quickly as possible.

Timely resolution of technical challenges in software development is crucial when scaling up a business.

We have an international network of clients and partners, which includes young and ambitious tech companies, VC funds, innovation, and start-up support services, large enterprises in finance, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and other industries.

Our Partners


What we offer

Create complex enterprise software, ensure reliable software integration, modernize your legacy system.

Introduce the highest level of security and automate your operations with our blockchain solutions.

Create a finance application for neobanks, money transfer services, or products for classical companies using disruptive technologies.

Build an innovative platform for e-commerce automation, inventory & shipping management, and marketing.

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing and auditing of your software.

Get holistic IT Infrastructure support of product after executing and releasing the product

Hire a loyal software development team with multidisciplinary skills and deep expertise.


Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, TRON & more

Private & Public Blockchains

Smart Contracts & Security Tokens

Infrastructure & Soft Architecture

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Pawel Czerwinski



Meet the demands of modern customers in speed and security with scalable financial technology.

Logistics & Supply chain

Blockchain software for supply chain and last-mile solutions


Public Blockchain For Fast And Address Delivery Of Aid To The Needy

Retail & E-сommerce

Engaging and exciting software solutions for modern retail.


Patient-friendly software that empowers healthcare industry workers.


Boost the profitability and safety of your business processes through innovative insurance software solutions.

Case Studies


Practical use of blockchain to increase road policing efficiency, secure citizens’ data, and increase operational and economic efficiency.

We developed a blockchain solution specifically for freight transportation industries, which enhances security and builds trust within the supply chains of global organizations.

Public Blockchain for fast and address delivery of aid to the needy

Real Estate Blockchain Solution

Integration of Google Maps in government land database. Coordination with government departments responsible for verification of land data. Communication with authorized banks providing money transactions

The solution offers patients full control over their medical records, allowing them to manage access by clinics and other parties in real-time and reducing costs for medical institutions through the use of a unified interface.

The solution offers fast, efficient cross-border payments, cutting the time for global transfers from days to just seconds. 

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